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World Skate Games 2022!

I am so excited to announce that I have made the USA national team for downhill skateboarding to compete in the World Skate Games this year in San Juan, Argentina!

I have made a gofundme to fundraise to make this happen. Anything is welcomed and beyond greatly appreciated 🙌


This is an incredible opportunity and I am stoked to have earned this spot on Team USA.

I was fortunate to be on the last and first-ever team USA that went to the World Roller Games (Same as World Skate Games. They changed the name) in Barcelona in 2019. With racing coming back hot this year following Covid, it was a big jump to get back out to events to earn a ranking to qualify for the team. I did it following a 3rd place finish at Tepe N Tacos in California and a 4th ranking from Maryhill in Washington state.

I've wanted to go to Argentina for years, especially since I heard of the World Skate Games. It is amazing achieving this feat and I'm stoked and thankful for the opportunity.

The World Skate Games is like the World Cup for skating and roller sports. It is a massive event that happens every 2 years. It brings together multiple roller-based sports to one place where the top athletes from each country compete for the gold! 2019 was the first year that downhill skateboarding was included and the turnout was excellent! There were athletes from so many countries around the world with about 30 women competing for the top spot. I accomplished 7th overall out of the world's best and hope to do even better this year!

Learn more here: WorldSkate

Photo from Jeff Suchy at the World Roller Games in Barcelona 2019.

This year marks my anniversary of riding my skateboard for 10 years! Within that, I have been racing since 2014 and have had so many amazing experiences in this amazing sport. I have traveled to many countries and events, I've been top-ranked internationally, I've won and podiumed at many events, and more. I am ecstatic to continue racing and experiencing all that I can within the wonderful world of downhill skateboarding.

If you would like to support my journey to compete in the World Skate Games, please donate below:


These games are an amazing opportunity overseen by USA Skateboarding and the USA Downhill Skate Committee. Unfortunately, all the expenses for the games, including entry fees, flights, accommodation, and more are coming from each individual athlete. It is an amazing opportunity and I thank every donation to make this dream and reality. 💜

**(Remember when you donate that gofundme will add a tip to your final price. If you don't want to include a tip, which goes directly to gofundme, make sure to enter a custom amount of $0.)

Thanks for reading and supporting me 🤙✨

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