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Wine Gummies!

In a world filled with uncertainty and more time becoming acquainted with the kitchen, why not spare some wine to make some delicious fun gummies?! Because well, WINE NOT?!

This idea came to me one day while I was staring at some leftover wine I had chilling in the fridge. I realized my stockpile of powdered gelatin in my panty and BOOM the idea came to me. How fun would it be to make wine gummies?! I mean anything liquid can be a gummy so why not wine?

It's a delicious bite and so so fun, without the guilt of overindulging (but in today's world, who cares? haha!)

All puns and jokes aside, this recipe is super simple and super fun! It only takes 3 ingredients and patience to make these gummies come to life!

These gummies can be made into any shape and can be made with any kind of wine! Use your favorite brands or any wine from white to red, or rosé to champagne!


Prep time: 20 minutes

Chill time: 1 hour (ish)

Recipes Makes: ~30-40 small gummies (average gummy bear sized)

Necessary materials: silicone molds (2-4), baking sheets, spouted cup/ pipettes, sauce/ sauté pan


1 cup wine of choice, chilled

1/4 cup granulated sugar

4 tablespoons powdered gelatin

Follow along with this video tutorial or with the step by step instructions below:


Step zero, Prep: Place the silicone molds on baking sheets and have a spouted cup or pipettes ready and nearby. Make sure you have room in your refrigerator for the baking sheets to lay flat.

Step one, Bloom the gelatin: Pour the chilled wine into the pan and mix the powdered gelatin in until combined. Let this mixture set for 5-10 minutes until it becomes firm (you should be able to gently touch the surface and it will feel almost solid)

Step two: Place the pan with the bloomed gelatin on the stove over medium heat and let it melt and heat up ~5 minutes (stir occasionally)

Step three: Once the liquid is nice and hot (almost boil) add the sugar and mix to incorporate. Let cook until sugar is fully dissolved

Step four: Work quickly because the gelatin can set quite fast. Transfer the liquid into a spouted cup or use the pipettes to gently pour the liquid into the molds (fill all the way to the top of each shape)

Step five: Once all the molds are filled, gently transfer the baking sheets to the fridge and let set until completely solid. I normally leave them in for at least an hour.

Step six: Once the gummies are set and fully solid, gently unmold each gummy. The gummies should easily pop out but if not, you can place the mold in a bowl of warm water, just level with the tops of each shape. This should help loosen the gummies from the edges to then pop out of the mold.

Step seven: Once the gummies are removed, place them back in the fridge to firm back up.

The gummies will stay fresh in the fridge for up to two weeks. Keep them stored in a sealed airtight container.

Enjoy as is, as a snack, or place at the bottom of a mixed drink for a nice treat/ surprise!


I recommend using soft silicone molds. They are the ones that are flexible and therefore easier to push the gummies out of. Firm molds can be used as well but might require some extra effort in the ways of sticking a knife around the edges, using cooking spray, or placing the mold in warm water to unmold.

If you're worried about the gummies sticking inside the silicone molds, you can coat the molds with cooking spray.

If you only have sheet gelatin, the ratios are 3 sheets to 1 tbsp powdered gelatin.

Sugar in this recipe is not entirely necessary. The quantity can be lessened, especially depending on what kind of wine you are using. For example, if using a Moscato, which is generally already sweet, the sugar quantity can be lessened to 2 tablespoons (half 1/4 cup) or even omitted entirely.

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