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Skating children's book!

I am very excited to officially drop this news!

Last year I was contacted by a publisher who was working with an author to write a children's book focusing on downhill skateboarding and other skating. What an honor!

This book's objective is to be sold to school libraries, book fairs, etc. the main audience being: kids! How exciting! This is huge for our sport. Not only for the reason of simple exposure but through positive exposure! This book could inspire future generations to skate! And not just the little boys! This book showcases that anyone can participate! It truly is a wonderfully inspirational and informative book that anyone can learn from and enjoy :)

This book is a great guide to the world of skating. It explains the various kinds of skating from parks to downhill and dives into the history of the sport. The book also discusses the technical side of skateboarding as well as explaining the various skating terms and lingo. It gives a run-down of how to start, how to learn and progress, and how to skate safely while also explaining safety gear. Overall, this is book is a fantastic influence and I am so excited for it to be spread to many readers, young and older alike!!

I am so honored that they used my images, words, and knowledge to produce this book. It is a wonderful project and I am so excited to know that it is out there for the public, and that it could be inspiring young minds all over.

The book is written by Drew Lyon and published through Capstone Press.

It is available through school libraries and online.

CLICK HERE for a preview of the book.

CLICK HERE for more information and/or to purchase.

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