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Inclusive & Positive Skate Resources

Hi all!

I am creating this list to promote skate companies in the skate/ longboard/ downhill skateboarding world that showcase great values, diversity, products, marketing, media, etc.

The included companies on this list were/are gathered through multiple resources and human experiences/ opinions.

This list will evolve and be updated as needed.

Feel free to contact me to have conversations/ questions/ additions/ removals.

This list is in alphabetical order.

9.81 Boards (Longboard Company, Switzerland)

Ahmyo Wheels (Wheel Company, Mexico)

ARS Protection (Protective Gear, Brazil)

Black Lab Slide Pucks (Puck Company, USA)

Bonzing Skateboards (Skateboard Company, USA)

BTR Leathers (Downhill Skateboarding Leathers, UK)

Bustin Boards (Board Company, USA)

Doyenne Skateboards (Skateboard and Genderless Apparel Company, Scotland)

Fiend Skate Supply (Footstops, USA)

Girl Is Not A 4 Letter Word (Apparel/ Scene Supporter, USA)

Hackbrett Longboards (Longboard Company, Germany)

Harfang Wheels (Wheel & Rain Wheel Company, Canada)

Kebbek Skateboards (Skateboard Company, Canada)

Loaded Boards (Longboard Company, USA)

Luca Longboards (Longboard Company, Poland)

Majutsu Longboard (Longboard Company, France)

Meat Bicycle Skate Co. (Creative Carbon Downhill Skateboards, USA)

Meow Skateboards (Skateboard Company, USA)

Ojoom Pucks (Puck Company, USA)

Orangatang Wheels (Wheel Company, USA)

Pantheon Longboards (Downhill Skateboard Company, USA)

Peach Grip (Custom Skate Grip Tape, USA)

Paris Truck Co. (Longboard Truck Company, USA)

Plus Skateboarding (Skate Shop, USA)

Proper Gnar (Skateboarding and Streetwear Brand, USA)

Quell Skateboarding (Community Support and Skate Accessories, USA)

Riptide Bushings (Skateboard Accessories and Bushings, USA)

Rocket Longboards (Longboard Company, Switzerland)

Rogers Bros. (Specialty Downhill Skate Products, USA)

Rojas Trucks (Precision Downhill Skate Trucks, USA)

SheShreds Co. (Skate Apparel, Accessories, etc. USA)

Seismic Skate (Skateboard and Skate Gear Company, USA)

Simple Longboards (Longboard Company, Austria)

Slide Perfect (Wheel Company, UK)

Tacna Skate (Downhill Skateboarding Leathers, Brazil)

Unity Queer Skateboarding (Skateboard Company)

Valkyrie Truck Co. (Precision Downhill Skate Trucks, USA)

Victors Boardshop (Board Shop, South Korea)

Welcome Skateboards (Skateboard Company, USA) (Longboard Shop, Switzerland)

Zealous (Skate Bearings, USA)

This list is compiled with these ideals in mind: (listed alphabetically)

Ableism, Ageism, Bullying/ Peer Pressure, Business Ethics/ Practices, Classism, Community Support, Diversity, Event Support, Homophobia, Inclusion, Marketing/ Media/ Social Media, Misogyny, Pro-Models, Racism, Religious Prejudice/ Hate, Rider Support/ Sponsorships, Sexism, Transphobia, Xenophobia.

I do not claim to know everything.

I know that companies can progress and grow.

I can also progress and grow.

If you find any faults with the list, please feel free to contact me.

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