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Chickpea Coconut curry

An absolutely delicious and creamy curry recipe to warm you up from the inside out.

This curry is packed full of flavor and perfectly tender chickpeas to provide the most delectable bite after bite.


Prep time: 10 minutes

Cook time: 20 minutes

Servings: 2-3

Recommended Pairing: rice or naan/ pita


1 can chickpeas/ garbanzo beans (14-16 oz)

1 can coconut cream (5.4 oz, full fat)

1/2 cup finely diced yellow onion (white or red okay)

1 1/2-2 tablespoons minced garlic

1/3 cup diced tomatoes

1-2 teaspoons butter

1 tablespoon broth

2 teaspoon oil of choice

Spice mix:

1 1/2-2 teaspoons turmeric

1 teaspoon ground ginger (you can add 2 teaspoons of fresh minced ginger instead)

1 teaspoon coriander

1 teaspoon smoked paprika

1/2 teaspoon garam masala

1/2 teaspoon cardamom

1/2 teaspoon herbs de Provence

1/2 teaspoon ground mustard

Salt and Pepper to taste


1/4 teaspoon cayenne

2-4 pinches red pepper flakes

Fresh cilantro or parsley leaves for garnish

Follow along with this video tutorial or with the step by step instructions below:


Step one: Heat oil in a large saute pan over medium heat

Step two: Add onions and saute until fragrant and translucent, about 2 minutes

Step three: Add garlic and stir, about 2 minutes (if using fresh ginger, add here)

Step four: Add diced tomatoes and stir to incorporate

Step five: Add chickpeas and stir to fully coat

Step six: Add butter and mix in until melted

Step seven: Add in spices, salt, pepper, and mix for a couple of minutes

Step eight: Pour in broth and mix to deglaze and loosen up anything stuck to the bottom of the pan

Step nine: Pour coconut cream into the pan and mix until an even coloring occurs and everything is incorporated

Step ten: Turn heat down to low and stir for another couple of minutes

Taste test and adjust seasoning as needed!

Serve over some rice or with a side of naan/ pita and enjoy!

This recipe will last in the fridge in a sealed container for up to a week, but it's best when eaten fresh!

If eating this alone, it makes about 1-2 servings. If serving over rice or with naan, vegetables, etc. it can make 2-3 servings.

I enjoy using coconut cream for this recipe as it makes it the most creamy, rich version. Full fat coconut milk works as well for a slightly lighter variation. Light coconut milk can be used as well to make an even lighter variation.

To add another level of spice, dice up some fresh chilis and saute them in with the garlic! Yum!

Sauteed vegetables can also be added to this recipe! Just saute them either on the side and add with the chickpeas, or add after the onions soften until caramelized. Vegetables I recommend with this recipe are zucchini, carrots, peas, sweet potatoes, bell pepper, and/ or asparagus.

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