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USA Women's Downhill Skate Team!!

It is such a huge month! I have been announced to represent the USA for downhill skateboarding this summer at a World Championship event! The World Roller Games in Barcelona, Spain is a huge event with top talent coming from every corner of the world!

It is an absolute honor to be one of the 6 women chosen to represent the USA!

This event is a huge deal because it is a huge step towards our sport becoming part of the OLYMPICS! We all have huge dreams to make it to the Olympic games and with going to the World Roller Games, we are getting soooo close!!


The USA women's team is currently doing a fundraiser to raise enough funds to make sure WE ALL MAKE IT to the event to participate and fight to win!

With the event coming up in July, we are looking to secure some funds ASAP to help us get everything situated sooner than later.

I am asking YOUR help to get myself and Team USA to this event! If you could please donate anything, even $5, that would be greatly appreciated! And spreading the word is a huge help as well!

CLICK HERE to donate today!

Thank you so much <3

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