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Immune boosting tea to fight an oncoming cold

Ever feel the beginning stages of a small cold or sickness coming on?

Once you catch the hints, there are some items you may already have in your kitchen that can help to boost your immune system and push off being ill.

I absolutely love this mixture. It brings you the warm taste and feelings of winter spice to mask the flavors of the turmeric and vinegar.

Any hint of sickness; sore throat, sniffles, anything, I jump straight to this tea and the sickness wanders off.

Here are the ingredients (and their benefits):

Bengal Spice Black Tea: Feel free to use any tea that you prefer, but this is my choice because it has a strong, spice-y flavor that will mask the slightly off-putting flavors of the turmeric and vinegar. It is packed with those spices that remind you of the warmth of the holidays and is deelicious! It is also caffeine free.

Black tea itself has a long list of health benefits:

-it has antioxidants

-promotes heart health

-improves bacterial gut health

-many, many more.

APPLE CIDER VINEGAR: This is a great ingredient to have on hand as it has a long list of health benefits:

-eases sore throat

-improves heart health

-helps ease an upset stomach

-can alleviate a stuffy nose

-provides energy boosts

-helps to detox the body

-can aid in weight loss/ management

TURMERIC: Is a spice with a bright yellow color and a very pungent flavor. It has been used for centuries for its many health benefits. Here are some:

-contains a very strong anti-inflammatory

-has antioxidants and increases the bodies antioxidant enzymes

-improves brain functions

-improves heart health

-antibacterial and anti-fungal properties

-helps with digestion

One of turmerics components, Curcumin is the main health booster and can be taken on its own as a supplement. A supplement will offer a larger dose that what is gained from general food consumption.

GINGER: A spice used in many ways with a strong flavor and many benefits. You can use ginger fresh, as a powder, or infused within syrups, etc.

-it is a natural anti- inflammatory and antioxidant

-fights nausea and stomach issues

-anti-fungal and antimicrobial which helps fight infections

-fights infections

-improves heart health

-reduces muscle pain and soreness

HONEY: A delicious addition to tea, providing sweetness and many benefits:

-contains many antioxidants

-promotes heart health

-antibacterial and anti-fungal properties

-helps digestion

-helps fight sore throats and coughs

LEMON: Brings a tang and sweetness to the tea. I also substitute orange, depending on what's around. Here are some benefits of lemon:

-helps with body hydration

-high amounts of Vitamin C

-raises the body's immunity

-promotes heart health

-improves digestion

Now, besides the wonderful health benefits, enjoying a hot cup of tea is something pleasant and easy to do. I generally drink tea on a daily basis and have a pantry fully stocked with multiple kinds. All teas provide benefits of their own, from green to black to flavored and teas specific for immunity, digestion etc. I definitely recommend a nice cup of tea to help cure ailments from illness, sadness, and much more. Snuggle up with a nice cup and have a great day!



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