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Verdicchio Women's Final

This year at the IDF World Cup in Italy, the women's category was fierce.

Here is a POV video from the women's final, filmed from my helmet.

It was an epic battle all the way to the finish line. Every corner we entered in a new position as Lyde, Cass and I fought for 2nd place.

Right off the line, my push led me behind, making me fight to catch up. Once I caught the drafts I knew I was back in it. I had to find the right time to make my moves. Every corner I knew that one of the girls was right over my shoulder. Tucking hard and taking good lines would be the strategy to try to stay ahead. Unfortunately, I went wide in the party right, letting Lyde gain the lead. I knew Cassandra would go for the pass and I would have the chance to take her draft before the last right. I gained on her and went to take the inside line in the final corner, but I didn't slide enough and sadly, went off the road. She took a clean line and crossed the finish. I then saw Lyde pushing back out onto the road, I guess she had crashed too. I got back on my board and proudly finished the race in 4th. This was one of the most fun, tight races I have ever experienced and I am ecstatic I was able to be apart of it.

Photos thanks to All Downhill Distribution

Final results:

1. Emily Pross

2. Cassandra Duchesne

3. Lyde Begue

4. Rachel Bagels

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