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Photo of the day: Check out those curves!

Hopefully you can check out this photo enlarged. This road is something just, oh so gorgeous.

With hairpins on hairpins leading into multiple curves, this road is truly a gem.

Here, Kevin Reich and Grayson Baggiolini appear as wee ants as they enter the first dropping hairpin.

It is just around the corner from me and I've skated it for years, but coming back after a year or so hiatus, makes it so much more epic. This whole mountain range is wonderful, hiding 6+ roads deep within it's canyons. All the roads within offer their own challenges. From heavy worn pavement to hairpins, to speed, bumpiness, dirt, tight corners, epic views, etc, this area truly has a little bit of everything.

If you have been skating for awhile you know, as it is an old gem skated by many OGs. If you are newer, maybe you don't know. This area is tucked away just outside of LA. There are very rarely any cars within and the roads are just sitting there, waiting to be skated.

See you soon, Nahanajar. <3

#skate #roadporn #photooftheday #photography #nahanajar

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