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Something New/ Changing Things Up

Well, it sure has been awhile. I apologize for the lack of updating, it has been quite the past few months!

I'll post some summer recaps when I get the chance but for now let's move on to current events.

I am currently studying culinary at the Culinary Arts Institute at Mission College. I also work as a kitchen assistant helping in front and back of operations.

I have been cooking and baking constantly, while also finding time to get some skating in in between my many studies.

<-- I have a full kitchen uniform. Chef jacket, pants, apron, shoes, hat and neckerchief! Maybe one day I'll post a full photo! hahah We shall see...

On terms of my cooking and baking, keep your eyes peeled on my page and blog for weekly recipes!

I have so many delicious options to put out there from vegetarian to meat, desserts to appetizers, and everything in between!

Here is a little preview:

Keep coming back for more goodness! :D

#update #cooking #life

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