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Recent Update :)

I've been away from my website for too long. 

Back on the road has taken its toll, and I barely find time to write between explorations.



Photo by Ruote Libere ASD from the ghost town freeride.

Currently, situated in Basel, Switzerland with the amazing Grace Wong, Yay! We are headed on a 15hr bus ride tomorrow to Budapest, Hungary! I am so excited! We will be around there for a few days before heading off to explore Romania for Transylvania Downhill.

Prior to Switzerland, I was in the general Milan area in Italy staying with the amazing Giulia and Gabrielle. What an amazing couple they are. And Gabri is my new board sponsor from Zero31! 

In Italy, I was able to explore Milan, and Bologna, and attend and amazing event: The Ghost Town Freeride; which literally takes place on a hill below an abandoned town! So fantastic! 

I will post up photos soon.

And I need to update my photography section as I have so many more photos now!! 

Keep peeled, I'll hopefully be able to post more soon!


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