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Photo Diary: Mojave Desert

Grace and I headed to Mojave desert on our way to and from the Grand Canyon.

Here are some photos from our short adventures out there.

We camped by the sand dunes and woke up to a gorgeous mountain view.

Driving up Kelbaker road on our way to the 40.

Kelso dunes was overrun with grass and greenery after the various storms from the winter.

Grace and I hiked into the dunes in Kelso.

Many blossoms were growing this spring time. These beauties were a velvety red and quite soft to the touch.

There was only one other hiking the dunes at the same time. He was only part way up when I snapped this photo. The scale is incredible.

Certain parts of the dunes were covered in black sands and I was obsessed with the patterns. This photo was not converted to black and white.

Grace kept mentioning that the landscaped mimiced a watercolor painting. I definitely have to agree. Here you can really see the hints of the black sands.

Grace floating on the dunes.

Photos on top of the dunes. It was a strenuous hike, but well worth it once we got to the top. Completely alone, we got a full view of the desert and could see sights not visable from other viewpoints. Photo is by Grace, excuse the watermark. haha

Grace and I marked the top with our hand prints. To later be blown away with the ever changing winds of the dunes.

My new wonderful tent under the glorious night sky.

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