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One for the books: The Central Coast Up N' Down Freeride

Wow. I must say, this event was something spectacular. Truly, one of my favorite events hands down.

Now I am a bit biased though. My favorite kind of skating involves freeriding with my homies down curvy, drifty, fast roads. So, if you aren't digging that kind of riding too, you might not relate ;)

Taking a film run. Footage out soon! Crispy photo by Ken Napp

This road is a hidden gem, tucked away in the mountains near Santa Maria in California. It has been skated many a time by Californians from up and down the coast, and enjoy thoroughly as such. But this event brought something different; the opportunity to skate it with no cars and no worries!

Of course, crashing still happens. I happened to hug this guy from behind in this corner. We were both okay and skated away. Photo by Brad Miller

The biggest thank you to Kevin, Carol, and Gary for all their hard work putting this event together and to all the fantastic sponsors for providing the goods.

Did I mention TACOS, BEER, and COFFEE? Well thanks to Handlebar Coffee Roasters, Northbound Coffee Roasters, Telegraph brewing and Taqueria Guzman Santa Maria all the riders were set on the goods for the weekend.

There were about 10 girls and a good chunk of us had an unplanned dress code. We killed the maroon and black combo. Photo by Joe Gutkowski

Check out Grace and I skating in this epic 360 degree view filmed by Gabriel Shin! VR goggles or your phone is the best way to see it! Enjoy!

Even though it is only the beginning of the year, this event was definitely a highlight of the year. I cannot wait until next year!

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