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Photo Diary: Joshua Tree

Joshua Tree provided wonderful lush flowers and endless adventures.

A few Joshua Trees surrounds by various wildflowers.

A closeup of some of the yellow wildflowers.

A beautiful intruder in the yellow flowers.

The road through the park was lined with lush greens that extended all the way to the base of the surrounding mountains.

Grace with the photo op.

We decided it was a good moment and view to snap some shots of my new board from Zero31!

Deep hues of purple from some teeny tiny flowers.


Moments to think, surrounded by yellow.

We finally have a photo together!

This little off-white blooms lined only this small patch. They felt of velvet and had a sheen when hit by the sunlight.

Flowers lining the floors.

Bright purple flowers thriving with some ferocious spike cacti.

A close up of a tiny blue flower.

Flowers of the Yucca.

The beaver tail cacti had bright pink blossoms.

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